Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? 

Are you ready to add SCHOLAR and AMBASSADOR to your resumé?

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a new culture and language?

Are you ready to make lifelong friends with students from all over the world?

Are you ready for Rotary Youth Exchange?

Inbound Fun in Hershey! 
YE Information Session

Watch the video to learn more about deadlines, calendar dates and additional information that will make the Youth Exchange process easier to understand.

Questions? Please contact District Youth Exchange Chair Jill Tenny at 

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Rotary Youth Exchange
What Programs are Available?
  • Long-Term Exchange Program: (10-month School Year Exchange)  Selected students spend an academic year in a Rotary-qualified host country, living with 2-3 Rotary-approved host families and attending a local high school.  Students are supported by a local Rotary Club and designated Rotary Counselor, as well as other Rotarians.  Students receive intensive training prior to departure.
  • Short-Term Exchange Program STEP: (6-week Summer Reciprocal Exchange)  Selected students are paired with a compatible student living in a requested Rotary-qualified host country.  The paired students spend 3-4 weeks living in the requested host country and 3-4 weeks living with the student’s family in USA, for a total exchange of 6-8 weeks. Reciprocal hosting is required in this family-to-family program. 
Why Rotary?
Rotary Youth Exchange is one of the largest, oldest and most respected Youth Exchange Program is the world.  RYE has been in existence since 1962 and sends over 9000 students on exchange to over 25 countries each year. As a volunteer-based program, student cost is minimum. Host families and local Rotary Clubs sponsor lodging and schooling.  The scholarship value of the program is estimated at $24,000+
How do I Qualify?
  • Applicants must be a good student (top half of the class)
  • Between the ages of 16 and 18 ½ years at the time of departure
  • Must be sponsored by a local Rotary Club. 
How much does it Cost? (These are rough estimates ONLY!)
  • Minimum application fee  ($150)
  • Orientation and training fees prior to departure ($2000)
  • Airfare- depends on country (and is higher than you might be able to find online because of specific J1 visa ticket requirements)  ($2000 - $5000)
  • International insurance required (CISI) ($800)
  • Passport and visa ($200)
  • Navy blazer, pins, presents, ($200)
  • Possible language camps ($200)
  • Possible trips sponsored by Rotary in host country ($200 - $3000)
For most students the total cost of the year ends up being between $5000 - $8000 depending on student spending habits.  This amount is not paid in advance.
What will I need for the Application?
  • General contact information
  • Signed Permission forms from parents and signed Agreement of Rules and Conditions
  • School transcript and letter of recommendation
  • Medical form
  • Dental Health form
  • School recommendation and transcript
  • Valid passport with expiration 6 months after your expected return date
  • Student Letter: a letter written to your potential host Rotary club and host family, to help us place you in a compatible situation.
  • Parent Letter:  a letter written to your child’s potential host Rotary club and host family, to help us place him/her in a compatible situation
  • Photos: My Family, My Home, Something Important to Me, Something I like to do in my spare time
  • Rotary Club Sponsorship - student must be interviewed by sponsoring Rotary Club and signatures required from Club Youth Exchange Committee
  • Photo waiver
The Application Process
  1. Contact your local Rotary Club and talk to them about your interest in applying. (see link). If you need help finding your local Rotary Club email:
  2. Complete your online application and submit it to your Rotary Club.
  3. Your Rotary Club will set up a time for an interview.
  4. If selected by your Club to move on, then your applications will be forwarded to the District Youth Exchange Committee
  5. The District Youth Exchange Committee will contact you about Interviews for both you and your parents.
  6. If selected, you will discover your Country Assignment in early January.
  7. You will discover your city assignment (host district, host club, host family) sometime in April or May.
  8. Around the same time, you will complete country requirements for your J1 student visa, which you will need before you depart
  9. Once you have your J1 visa, you can book your airline ticket
  10. Notify your host district of your arrival date & pack your bags for departure!
Expectations of a Rotary Exchange Student
  • Attend your assigned high school in your host country on a daily basis
  • Be a diligent student and attempt to complete courses to the best of your ability
  • Attend Rotary events in your host Rotary Club and District
  • Be flexible and adaptable.  Do your best to immerse yourself in your host family and your host community.  Be ready to cope with whatever comes your way. (Except in the instance of personal safety! Report any incidents right away!)
  • Follow Rotary’s 5 D Rules:
    • No Drinking alcoholic beverages
    • No Driving motorized or electric vehicles
    • No Drugs! Period!
    • No Dating
    • No Disfigurement (tattoos, piercings, etc..)
  • Students are not permitted to travel on their own. There may be Rotary-sponsored trips available depending on the country you are in.
Embody the role of a cultural ambassador by always remembering and practicing the 5 R’s
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Rapport
  • Reflection
  • Restore
Additional Resources
District 7390 Youth Exchange Officers
Jill Tenny, DYE Chair, Rotary Club of Harrisburg, Rotex  
Ashley Etzweiler, DYE Inbound Chair, Rotary Club of York 
Tricia Larson, DYE Outbound Co-Chair, Rotex
Norm Basso, DYE Outbound Co-Chair, Rotary Club of York-North  
Melissa Kopp-Smith, DYE Short-Term (Summer) Exchange Chair
Dr. Tamara Willis, DYE Youth Protection Officer, Rotary Club of Susquehanna Township
Melissa Kopp-Smith, D7390 Executive Secretary, Rotary Club of D7390 Passport or 717-854-7842

D7390 is a member of ESSEX (Eastern States Student Exchange), which includes Rotary Districts in the Northeastern US, Eastern Canada, and Bermuda.

Ready to Apply? 
Application deadlines for Rotary Youth Exchange are:
  • Long-Term (school year 2024-25) - October 1, 2023 to your sponsoring Rotary Club
  • Short-Term (summer 2024) - December 1, 2023 to your sponsoring Rotary Club

Before starting a Rotary Youth Exchange application, please click here to visit the ESSEX website! 

Ready to apply for the LONG-TERM Rotary Youth Exchange Program? Click here to complete the on-line application! Need some help completing the application? Click here to view step by step instructions. 
Ready to apply for the SHORT-TERM Rotary Youth Exchange Program? Click here to complete the on-line application! 
Click here to locate your local Rotary Club and reach out to the Club President of the club nearest you.  Your Rotary Club will need to sponsor your application.
Our Stakeholders
  • Students 

  • Host Families

  • Schools 

  • Rotarians

The happiness and well-being of each of our four stakeholders is vitally important to the program. We strive to provide a positive and enriching experience to all stakeholders. 
Host Family Youth Exchange VLOG
Learn more about Youth Exchange from a host family! 
Become a Host Family
Am I required to be a host family if my child would like to go on long-term exchange? No. it is not a program requirement. Although we recommend it and many families find it fulfilling to host while their child is on exchange. 

Who would make a great host family?  Almost anyone! Rotarians, families with younger children, families with no children, all are welcome!

What is required to be a host family?  

What are host family responsibilities? 
  • Provide food and lodging for a student from 3-4 months
  • Student may share a bedroom, but must have his/her own bed
  • Rotary host families do not receive payment - this is a volunteer program designed to foster a parent/family relationship between the host family and the student
  • Students receive a monthly stipend from Rotary to use for activities
  • Each student will be assigned a Rotary counselor who will assist the host families and the student throughout the year. 

General Information

Rotary Club and Volunteers Information
Medical Insurance
District 7390 Rotary Youth Exchange students who have successfully completed their year abroad, attended the August District re-entry event, and turned in their monthly reports are eligible to join Rotex — a group for returned Rotary Exchange students.

Getting involved in Rotex is not only a great way to meet people with common interests and give back to District 7390 Youth Exchange, but can also help as you go through the struggle of Reverse Culture Shock.
Rotex members not only meet socially, but are a big part of the overall Youth Exchange process by helping at selected events for Inbounds and Outbound Candidates.
Rebounds who get involved in Rotex will find they have a group of people who understand their frustrations and joys, and are truly interested in their exchange experience. Members of Rotex will come to experience the universality of the exchange experience, and quickly find common bonds. A rebound from Norway may very likely find conversation and friendship with a rebound from Thailand to be more natural and comfortable, than interactions with high school friends who did not participate in an exchange.
To support international understanding and peace! 
The Four-Way Test