D7390 Youth Statement of Core Values
The growth & success of the District 7390 Youth Exchange Program are centered around a set of “Core Values” which all Exchange Students, Rotex, Host Families and Rotarians embrace and model. These Core Values provide the foundation to support our “Code of Conduct” for all participants of the Program.
 Our “Core Values” Preserve The Integrity Of Youth Exchange By……
  1. Treating all individuals with Mutual Respect and Dignity.
  2. Ensuring Safety and Personal Protection of all participants in Youth Exchange.
  3. Celebrating unique backgrounds, viewpoints, skills, and talents of all participants.
  4. Believing  Accountability is demonstrated through:
    1. Practicing Personal Responsibility.
    2. Meeting all Required Rules and Commitments of Youth Exchange.
  5. Promoting honest and socially responsible communications.
  6. Embracing leadership development and the concept of “self-management”.
  7. Building Life-Long Relationships through effective involvement with:
    1. Caring Host Families.
    2. High School Academics and Activities.
    3. Rotary Club Meetings, District Conferences and Special Events.
  8. Applying the Rotary 4-Way Test to all aspects of our “Code of Conduct”.