RYLA - Rules & Regulations
Selection for participation in the Rotary Youth Leaders Conference entails responsibilities that conferees should not take lightly. Accordingly conferees will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner in which their families, school and sponsoring Rotary Club can be proud. Failure to comply with any of the rules could result in dismissal from the Conference!
  1. Conferees are expected to attend each and every session and activities unless specifically excused by the Director. Prompt arrival at each activity is a part of that attendance.
  2. Leaving the campus or leaving a session or activity without the express permission of a staff member is prohibited.
  3. Informal and casual attire is acceptable at all scheduled events of the conference. Beachwear and bare feet are inappropriate at any scheduled lecture, group session or seminar.
  4. Each conferee will be assigned to a room in a specific residence hall. Residence halls other than the one assigned are out-of-bounds to conferees.
  5. Conferees will be responsible for the condition of their rooms and other facilities used in the conference. Such responsibility could include repair or replacement charges should damage occur.
  6. The Director will decide on a curfew time for all conferees to be in their assigned Residence Hall.
  7. Midnight will be quiet time for each conferee. He/She will be expected to be in the assigned room at that time and noise will be kept to a minimum
  8. The use of drugs/alcohol/tobacco will not be tolerated.
  9. The use of automobiles to conferees is prohibited while at the conference.
  10. Visitors to conferees are not permitted other than to attend the concluding Family Dinner Banquet.
  11. Conferees are expected to treat the presenter and presentation with courtesy.