Posted by Linda Spotts on Jul 07, 2019

From July 1 to July 31, 2019, five of our district’s Inbound Exchange students will be with students from 19 different countries from around the world enjoying the most beautiful natural and man-made points of interest from the East Coast to the West Coast (Pacific Ocean in Southern California). 

Our Inbounds with close to 35 other exchange students will be visiting places such as Washington DC, Dollywood Park, Graceland, New Orleans, San Antonio, Houston Space Center, The Grand Canyon, The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Disneyland, LA, Hollywood, , Salt Lake City, Lake Tahoe, Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Rushmore, Chicago (tour of Rotary International Headquarters), and Niagara Falls plus a Rotary picnic along the way hosted by other Rotary club(s). 

This is the 43rd Discover America USA trip that Mike Wilcox, D7170 has coordinated and our district’s Inbounds have been participating in the trip since 2000.  It is the least expensive trip of its kind for 31 days for our exchange students and the cost is less than some of the 14 day trips offered by for-profit organizations.     

We are very fortunate that 2 of the chaperones on this bus trip include former Rotary Youth Exchange student (Rotex) Jill Tenny who went to France in the 80’s and also serves as our Rotex Chair for our District’s Youth Exchange Program,  and her husband Matt, who are both newly minted  Rotarians. 

Thank you Jill and Matt.  Check out the pictures that Jill will be regularly posting when she has free time on our districts YE facebook that was created and is being managed by Jill -