Posted by Bert Oberdick on May 30, 2019
On Friday, 5/17/2019 as part of the Rotary Club of York America's Promise initiative, three 2nd grade classes from Alexander Goode Elementary school enjoyed a field trip to the Wrightsville Municipal Authority Water & Wastewater plants. They learned how water taken from the Susquehanna river is made safe to drink and how wastewater from the town is treated so that it can be safely put back into the river. To cap off the day, the students were treated to lunch at the Wrightsville Fire & Rescue Company 41 and a tour of fire trucks.
Former Rotarian Philip Landis, Chairman of the Wrightsville Municipal Authority, and Rotarian Ken Cooper have done this yearly for at least 8 years.  The authority employees and volunteer fire fighters organize and do all the presentations.  It is not clear whether the children or the employees have the most fun - probably a toss-up.
Rotarians Eric Holmes, York City School Superintendent, and John Klinedinst, Authority engineer were among the guests who enjoyed the day.
The photo shows one of the classes getting educated on how potable water is 'rescued' from the Susquehanna river.