We were honored to have Mike Grandy, former president of Red Lion Controls, be our guest at our weekly meeting. Mike was born in the United Kingdom, and started his career as a freelance developer of computer games. From the games world, he moved into industrial software development via a path that is too complex to explain. He worked on some of the very first Human-Machine Interface products as far back as 1986, and can thus honestly claim to be one of the few people in the world with nearly 30 years' experience in this field. Mike's path took him through a series of start-ups in the late eighties and early nineties, to the founding of a company called Paradigm Controls in 1993, where he was responsible for the development of the software and firmware for a range of operator interface terminals. Paradigm caught the eye of Red Lion Controls, and was acquired by Red Lion Controls in 1996. Mike continued to run the company in the UK until moving to the United States in July 1999 to join Red Lion in Pennsylvania as Vice President of Engineering. Five months later, Mike was promoted to President at the age of 31.

Now Mike has his own consulting firm and helps to promote the manufacturing industry for the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association. The Association is a statewide nonprofit trade organization representing the manufacturing sector in Pennsylvania’s public policy process.  Headquartered just steps from the state capitol in Harrisburg, PMA works to improve Pennsylvania’s ability to compete with other states for investment, jobs, and economic growth. The pandemic has changed so many things about the world we live in today especially the labor market where continuing education and manufactory opportunities are extremely important. PMA along with their public support partners including K-12 educators, community colleges, workforce development boards, economic development organizations are tackling a range of issues including improving the workforce pipeline, aligning training with industry needs, improving infrastructure, addressing regulatory barriers or facilitating business-to-business networking. The agenda is to change the image of manufacturing to high tech, high pay and a lifelong challenging career.