World Immunization Week (WIW) 2021 comes as COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out around the world, and vaccination is unprecedentedly the focus of daily news cycles and everyday conversations. The milestone, which will take place from Saturday, 24 April to Friday, 30 April, serves as a chance to broaden the conversation about the polio program’s contributions to global health, including its support of equitable COVID-19 vaccine rollout. This year’s community-wide WIW theme is “vaccines bring us closer,” which aims to build on the current public spotlight on vaccines and reach a wider audience beyond immunization partners with important messages about vaccine efficacy and safety.
The polio program delivers more than the polio vaccine. Polio health workers also respond to #malaria, #Ebola, #measles, and now #COVID19 – strengthening health systems and working toward improved health for all. #EndPolio #VaccinesWork