The current insurance program policies are expiring on 1 July 2022, and Risk Management is working on renewing them for the 2022-23 policy year. New policies will be purchased to provide continuous coverage and we will strive to maintain coverage as broad as the expiring policies.

Here are some insights provided to us during the initial stage of the renewal process:

Communicable Diseases Exclusion: The 2022-23 general liability policy likely will again contain a communicable diseases exclusion applicable to COVID-19.

Liquor Liability Coverage: The 2022-23 general liability policy likely will contain an endorsement that excludes coverage for “bodily injury or property damage caused by, in whole or in part, alcoholic beverages sold, served, or furnished while any liquor license is required and is not in effect." The current general liability policy provides liquor liability coverage and does not have restrictions such as this. In anticipation of this change, please verify whether a liquor license is required as part of your event and apply early if you determine one necessary. PLEASE NOTE: Our District insurance chair spoke to RI regarding this policy change. Their response is this: To speak using layman’s terms, it means the policy contains an endorsement that excludes coverage for incidents where a liquor license was required but wasn’t obtained in advance of the event.

Insurance Marketplace Conditions: The insurance marketplace has proven challenging. Insurance companies continue to raise their rates due to the increasingly frequent occurrence of catastrophic losses (severe storms, tornados, and wildfires) and the monetarily punitive amounts of damages being handed down by juries. We expect that this will affect insurance assessments and the Program. A premium credit will be issued due to the Program's favorable history as far as losses, and this will in part mitigate increases in premium.