Posted by John Kramb
I am asking you and/or your club for support for a project in India that falls outside the boundaries of Rotary Foundation parameters.
DG Rajan Gandotra of D3250 (Bihar and Jharkhand in India) is a personal friend of mine, and I have stayed with him and his wife (Anju) twice on my visits to India.  Our district conducted a global grant with them a few years ago.
You have heard in the news how severe the COVID crisis in India is.  They are critically short of oxygen throughout the country.  DG Rajan is raising funds to purchase oxygen concentrators for the hospitals in his area.  Getting amounts transferred to a Club Bank Account in India is a big challenge. The bank account has to be FCRA Compliant. (Foreign Currency Regulation Act).  And to get official permission to do so can take months.  
They have set up a GoFundMe Page ( wherein this US $ 3000 motivated by you or any additional amount can be immediately transferred by May 20th 2021. This amount will be used to purchase Oxygen Concentrators in US / Singapore itself and shipped to India. Four clubs have joined to collect US $ 70000 in this mission.
I have personally donated $1000 to this cause, and hope that you and/or your club will do the same.
Thank you!