Planning for RYLA 2022 is well underway! We are excited to host RYLA as an in-person Conference at Messiah University (One College Avenue, Grantham, PA) from Sunday, June 12 to Thursday, June 16, 2022. The DEADLINE to submit a RYLA APPLICATION is April 8, 2022! 
Registration for the 2022 RYLA will be completed on-line! Please click here to view the on-line application. Students will need to follow a few steps to complete the application: 
  1. They will need to complete the RYLA 2022 Waiver form. That will be signed by the student and parent using docusign. The directions to complete the waiver are at the top of the RYLA application page. You can view the waiver by clicking here
  2. The student will complete the application. When you view the application, any field that is marked with an asterisk is a required field. They will not be able to submit the application until every field is completed. That includes uploading the waiver and their photograph. 
  3. Once the student completes the application, I will forward it to the Club for approval. 
  4. The club will need to mail a $500 check for each applicant to the District office (515 South George Street, York, PA 17401). Checks made payable to "Rotary District 7390 RYLA".