The Student Education Committee of the Rotary Club of York held personal interviews on June 17 for “Non-Traditional Student” Scholarships.  A “Non-Traditional” Student is one who does not attend post-secondary education directly following graduation from high school.  Instead, they select to enter the workforce, start a family, or enter the military. At a later date, they decide to pursue a degree and usually work and attend school simultaneously for a few years to earn a degree.
Jasmine Cross, Lindsey Hershner, and Melissa Raup were able to attend a recent club meeting at the Country Club of York to receive their $ 2,400 “Non-Traditional Student” scholarship. 

Jasmine Cross works full-time as a Behavioral Health Technician and is a Psychology student at Penn State University – York campus.  Lindsey Hershner owns and works at her hair salon and attends HACC – York campus where she is scheduled to graduate in December 2022 and continue schooling to become a Registered Nurse.  Melissa Raup is working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Addiction from Aspen University while working full-time as a Incident, Quality and Risk Manager in the Residential ID department at Bell Socialization Services. 
The Rotary Club of York has been proudly awarding these “Non-Traditional Student” scholarships since 2012 and have financially assisted 21 students with over $ 32,000 to achieve their educational goals! 
For more information about the scholarship program, please contact Rotary Club of York Student Education Administrator Renea Oberdick at
Photo L TO R:  Lindsey Hershner, Student Education Administrator Diane Merino, and Jasmine Cross
Photo L TO R:  Melissa Raup and Diane Merino, Student Education Administrator