Posted by Bob Saline on Mar 28, 2019
The Rotary Club of Harrisburg proudly announces the official charter and presents the certificate of organization of the Rotaract Club of Harrisburg University. 
Rotary Club of Harrisburg member and Rotaract Chair, Mike Jaeger (Left back row) presented Niya and Diamond their Rotaract Certificate of Organization dated Febraury 08, 2019.
In the year that Rotaract celebrates its 50th anniversary, Club President, Andy Rebuck, was all smiles in fully appreciating that these connections to youth today will produce great rewards in years to follow.
The seeds for this Rotaract Club began in 2015-16 under the leadership of then President Betty Hungerford so it was especially fitting that she join in this celebration.
President Elect, Joyce Libby, notes that our Club is fully committed to sponsoring, guiding and mentoring these wonderful young leaders.
With wonderful meetings at the University, there is a lot of energy generated to impact our local community and specifically to dedicate time and resources to assist the needy.
Club Administrator Addeline Alaniz Edwards and President Elect Joyce Libby enjoy a hot cocoa and supporting a fundraising effort on a cold winter day in the halls at Harrisburg University.
All Rotary Club of Harrisburg members are looking forward to a fabulous relationship with these students.