Posted by Alden Cunningham on Sep 13, 2019
The Rotary Means Business Governing Board recently met and adopted the following changes: 
Succession Planning - The Board unanimously elected Scott Stevens of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg and the RMB Northern Tier Director to be the overall District 7390 Chair/Champion and Champion of the Northern Tier effective January 1, 2021
Hosting Club Commitments and Key Hosting Club Information Deadlines - Hosting Clubs in each Tier should commit to hosting by October 15 of the preceding year and provide the date, time and venue location by December 15 of the preceding year so RMB can publish a complete list of RMB networking meeting dates  early in the 2020 season so interested Rotarians can put the event on their schedules.
Sponsor Classes - Instead of the existing two classes of sponsors, there will be four classes of sponsors: major, event, special event, and venue.  Details regarding each class of sponsors will be provided in a separate fact sheet by the Eastern, Northern, and Southern Tier Steering Committees.  The fact sheet will be developed by the current overall RMB Chair/Champion.
Summit topics for the 2020 and 2021 RMB seasons shall be a Leadership-in-Times-of-Crisis Summit at a monthly meeting in 2020 and a Millennial Summit at the April 2021 District Conference at a Waterpark in the Poconos.
Socail Media Expansion - RMB will add in the near future Instagram and Snap Chat to join the existing RMB Facebook and LinkedIn social media platforms.