Posted on Nov 15, 2018
On Saturday, October 20, 2018, twenty two trees were planted in York City by the Preserve Planet Earth Committee and members of the Rotary Club of York, PA.  The trees included a variety of species ranging from Cleveland Pear, Lilac, Hornbeam, and Linden Trees.  Members of the Preserve Planet Earth Committee, members and family members of the Rotary Club of York, PA and cadets from the Bearcat Battalion of York High's JROTC troop removed stumps, rocks, bricks and concrete in existing tree wells to plant 22 trees in downtown York. Special thinks to Rotarian Brian Mummert of W S  Landscape Services who procured the trees, provided the mulch and put in a full day delivering, planting and cleaning up. Also, thanks to J T Hand and the York Water Company for free direct delivery of water for all the trees. Finally a BOO-RA gung-ho award to Dennis Baughman and John Klinedinst who actually removed a dead tree by hand in order to plant a new live one at the York Academy.