PDG Paddy Rooney recently presented PDG Ben Hoover with the District 7390 Lifetime Achievement Award from the 2019-2020 Rotary year. Please continue to read his remarks when presenting the award:
"As we all know, this disjointed time caused by the pandemic, has disrupted all our lives and schedules for the past 16 months or more. The result was that I, along with so many others, found our plans and intentions abruptly interrupted in March of 2020. I was then still serving as Rotary District Governor and one of the great joys at the end of that year of service is the opportunity to recognize those individuals who have given so much to our District over the year and over a lifetime of service. Alas that was not to be.
And that was particularly disappointing for me since one of the awards I was looking forward to presenting was to be the recognition of a man who has exemplified for me and countless others the spirit and presence of Rotary in so many ways over the years that it is almost impossible to count. But today we get to rectify that omission and now come to present a Rotary lifetime achievement award to Dr. Ben Hoover.
Most of you know that Ben has been a member of this club and a Rotarian for more than 50 years. But there are members and there are Rotarians and I believe that Ben is one of the latter. His work, his service, his commitment and his dedication all speak to that presence Ben has been recognized in our community as a true servant leader and one who is passionately committed to our common purpose and goal of being a Rotarian. His service as President of this club and then as District Governor in the year 2008-09 under the theme “Make Dreams Real” a goal he has continued to exemplify from that day to this with his ongoing involvement in club and District committees, particularly his chairmanship of the Global Scholar grant award committee, all of which speak to his desire to put service above self.
Additionally, Ben has been a mentor to many Rotarians who have followed him in this club and I count myself as one of those fortunate enough to have benefited from such mentorship. When I was thinking about applying for the position of District Governor, Ben was one of the first people with whom I spoke. His support, encouragement and kindness urged me forward and when I assumed the office in 2019 there was no one else I would have wanted to pin me with the District Governor pin, than Ben Hoover.
Many special people have served Rotary over the past 100 plus years of our existence. Many have been examples of commitment and dedication. Many have served long and faithfully. And today I wish to add to their ranks another man who has truly exhibited all those qualities and more and done it in abundance; a man who has shown himself to be that model of true service above self; a man who has truly lived a lifetime of service.
My fellow Rotarians I would ask you to join with me and congratulate our friend, colleague and fellow Rotarian Dr. Ben Hoover as we present him with this lifetime achievement award on behalf of our club, our District and Rotary International. Congratulations Ben."