Dr. Dave Zuilkoski, President, and Dr. Erik Orndorff, President-Elect, of the Paradise Club of Rotary in Lancaster County have decided to “put their money where their bellies are” when it came to charitable fundraising ideas during this COVID pandemic!  Dr. Z and Dr. O are superintendents of the Conestoga Valley School District, and Pequea Valley School District, respectively.  Knowing that in-person fundraising events were limited or non-existent per safety guidelines, they looked no further than each other for inspiration.
“We both knew we could lose a few pounds and figured out a way to have a healthy competition that would benefit our local charities,” Dr. Z stated.  Dr. O added, “we’ve never taken ourselves too seriously, so putting ourselves out there for a weight loss challenge was a great way to get funds and food for our local charities.”  Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services (CVCCS) in Conestoga Valley, and The Factory Ministries in Pequea Valley are two local organizations that help those in need, to include a food pantry at both locations.
The premise of the local “Biggest Loser: CV v PV” is that for every pound that Dr. Z or Dr. O lose, people can sponsor them either monetarily or with food items.  For example, people can donate a per pound amount (i.e., $1 per pound lost, or one food item per pound lost), or can make a straight fixed amount donation (i.e., $25 or a bag of groceries).  This 90-day challenge began on February 1, with the final weigh-in being held on April 30.  So far, it’s been nip and tuck!  (No pun intended!)
In addition to this Rotary-sponsored event, both school districts have opened up the weight loss program to their faculty and staff and have made it part of their respective wellness programs.  The partnership between the Paradise Club and the local school districts is beneficial to both the charitable organizations and the individuals in the two districts!
For more information, check out the introductory video or visit the two districts’ website to find out how you can donate to make a difference!