Check Out How the Rotary Club of Harrisburg Takes “Zooming” to New Levels
Pre-pandemic at the Rotary Club of Harrisburg (RCH), meager attempts to broadcast meetings to members not able to attend the luncheons was done with a single smartphone to “broadcast” on Facebook Live. 
Then came the pandemic shutdown.  So, RCH leadership and tech-savvy members got creative.
Zoom meetings became the replacement for shaking hands or a pre-meeting conversation.  Next came 2020-2021 President James Good and Executive Director Addeline Alaniz-Edwards as broadcast production icons.  Just for a brief period the Club could meet in person, but with lots of limiting restrictions, many members preferred continued connecting via Zoom. 
Seeing the Covid restrictions ramping back up, 2021-2022 President Matt Staub initiated the purchase of a sophisticated conference sound and video system called the “Owl.”  Bring in the all-volunteer Tech Team of Shaun Eng and Nathan Hartwick (co-chairs), Karen Good, Bob Saline, Scott Stevens and President Staub and the online connection continues to become increasingly sophisticated. 
With timely funding from the board, a sound board was added to capture speakers and online presentations when needed.  The forementioned member volunteers took on roles of porting equipment, connecting a growing number of equipment and cords and dedicating their meeting time to monitoring the various systems and member online participation.  Pre- and post-meetings, all of this is equipment is slugged up and down steps at the Rotary office to and from the Hilton by Addeline Alaniz Edwards.  
President Staub and members of the Tech Team are “standing by” to counsel any Rotary club considering adding or upgrading their broadcast capabilities.  For more information, contact President Staub at