Posted by Peg Sennett on Aug 10, 2018
We are coming up on the first anniversary of Hurricanes Harvey and Maria. Texas has made strides in restoring homes and communities impacted by a Category 4 hurricane on August 25th 2017. As previously reported, D7390 sent $10,000 to Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders to assist with the set-up of the volunteer camp. Later, $6,500.00 was sent to round-off the $36,000 needed to purchase materials for a home adopted by the Rotary Club of Space Center in Houston. The family story is typical of those served with disaster relief. Cody and Maxine married in 1948; Cody served in WWII. They bought a home on Neil Street in 1963 and adopted two infants, a boy and a girl. The daughter is now the live-in caretaker for her parents.  Disaster rebuilds are often directed to the elderly. With homes destroyed and limited resources, all too often the elderly are in poor health and, consequently, do not have the resources to rebuild or to move to a safe, accommodating environment. Your donation dollars were well spent in completing a rebuild that was both safe and secure for this husband and wife.   
The $27,016.00 collected for Puerto Rico remains in the Rotary Club of Carlisle Foundation account. Hurricane Maria was so totally and invasively destructive that the island is struggling to recover. We have not been successful in finding a project, but will keep our avenues of contact open and will report back to our district Rotarians when a decision is made.
D7390 Disaster Relief Committee: