Members of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg (RCH) gathered at the Salvation Army in Harrisburg for a unique service opportunity with the Salvation Army of Harrisburg. 

After getting assignments, instructions and a box lunch the Rotarians were given a brief overview of the various works performed by the Army volunteers at the facility.  According to Rotarian/participant Karen Good, “it was so encouraging to hear of lives being helped and changed by food distribution, cooking classes and various events for children provided by the Salvation Army.” 

RCH members were guided through various task by Army staff member Megan Bachmore.

Karen Paris (past RCH President) stuffed envelopes. Andy Reebuck (past RCH President) and Karen Good raised their hands to do trash duty around the facility.  That meant pick up trash, cleaning out the cans and washing mats from the kitchen. 

Other attending RCH members, Shaun Eng and Gail Rebuck, Wendall Hoover, Sue Ward Diorio and Alex Rajis. put together recipe bags to accompany food distribution received from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.   

Photos by RCH Member Karen Good.

Rotary Club of Harrisburg get their projects overview on who does what.

RCH member Alex Rajis and Past President James good count out spice packets for the soup recipe.
Past President Karen Paris and Gina Rebuck inspect the bags for distribution
Andy Rebuck puts some muscle into getting the packed bags to the right area for ultimate distribution.