Posted by Bob Saline on Jan 10, 2019
Election to the Hall of Fame is the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs’ most auspicious honor conferred upon an individual for monumental achievements to the DMVA or the Pennsylvania National Guard. 
Mrs. Helen Sajer co-founder of the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors received that award for her decades of service to PA wounded warriors and their families.  Mrs. Sajer and her husband, former Adjutant General of the Commonwealth and U.S. Army Major General, founded the organization in 2007 after numerous previous years of service to service men and women returning to civilian life. 
Invited to the awards ceremony at Fort Indiantown Gap were our Rotary Club of Harrisburg’s Chair of the Veterans Committee Joan Prescott, committee chair for the last 5 years, and Rotary Past President Bob Saline.  For more than 25 years, their Club’s members have raised and contributed thousands of dollars to veterans’ needs and most recently to the PA Wounded Warriors.
Contributions continue a tradition initiated by our member and long-time HRC Committee Chair John Smither, himself a military veteran.  Contributions to this year’s PAWW campaign can be made via a check to the Harrisburg Rotary Foundation with a notion of PAWW.