In January, District Governor John Anthony shared Rotary International’s Call to Action regarding Vaccines.  Our Hanover Rotary Club has accepted the challenge to combat vaccine hesitancy.  We partnered with the York/Adams Immunization Coalition and the PA Polio Survivors Network to put together 1,000 vaccine information packets in both English and Spanish, containing credible vaccine resources.  With COVID safety in mind, we are working together to make this happen, so these packets can be distributed to all parents in our area. 
One item in the packets is a Vaccine Information Card that has been branded by both Rotary International and CHOP.  This card has a scan code that takes parents directly to the Vaccine Education Center of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  We have a simple message: 
No Child Should Suffer from a Vaccine Preventable Disease
The Pain and Disability Can Last a Lifetime