Posted by Bert Oberdick on Oct 24, 2019
Each October Rotary International kicks off its Foundation Quarter in which we hold up and show our support for the important work that our Foundation does in our communities and around the world. And to help with that effort, our speaker this week will be Dr. Anne Mathews from South Carolina. Anne is an educator by profession, a published author, an education commissioner and a public speaker. If you attended the District Foundation Dinner last November, you might remember her engaging presentation.  Anne is a member of the Rotary Club of Columbia East and has served as District Governor, as Rotary International Vice President as a Trustee of the Foundation and as an International Trainer. She has also held numerous other positions in both District and Rotary International. She is the recipient of a number of awards from Rotary and other educational groups. Anne will speak to us of the importance of the Foundation and the work we do together.