Rotary International “Call to Action” encourages Rotarians to promote COVID-19 Vaccination

The Board of RI and Trustees of the Rotary Foundation met during a joint session and agreed that Rotarians have a major role to play not only in Polio eradication but COVID-19 eradication through the promotion of vaccine distribution. In their “Call to Action” published December 15, 2020, RIP Holger Knaack and Rotary Foundation Chair KR Ravindran outlined strategies including working jointly with local partners to “combat the powerful, growing force of vaccine resistance and misinformation” in our communities. It is our civic duty as Rotarians to join forces with others to eradicate disease and save lives through vaccination and risk mitigation strategies. To read the entire letter, click here to go to the district website safety page.


COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and Distribution Plan highlighted at Press Briefing

On Tuesday, January 14, a press briefing was held by Governor Tom Wolf, Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, and a Dr. Cynthia Chuang from Penn State Hershey Medical Center regarding the COVID-19 vaccine including its safety and plans for distribution. To view this excellent video click here. To view new information on where to obtain the vaccine in PA, please click here

You are invited to the Next Safety Committee Meeting February 3rd, at 7 PM.

The next District Safety Committee meeting will take place on February 3rd, at 7 PM via Zoom. We encourage any Rotarian to join our committee at any time or to attend as a guest. Agenda items will include District Involvement in promoting COVID-19 vaccination and developing District Wide Education on COVID-19 risk mitigation and vaccination support. Additionally, we will be reviewing a submission from a club on how to reduce risks associated with an in-person service event. We invite all clubs to reach out to us in similar ways to seek out recommendations on how to keep members and the public safe. Contact Committee Chair DGN Juliet for more information.