Do you feel motivated to action? Five tornadoes ripped into Kentucky and multiple states on December 11th. How will our District respond? Will we send funding to D6710 in Kentucky? Will we raise funds for a specific identified project? Maybe we send volunteers to rebuild homes? What other types of disaster relief should D7390 coordinate? Unfortunately, Mother Nature continues to cause havoc and destruction in the form of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes – there is no end to the assistance we can provide.
Can you serve on the Disaster Relief Committee? Our current committee has been active for fifteen years, it is now time to identify new, younger, freshly inspired Rotarians. 
Interested? Have questions? Contact Peg Sennett, 717-630-8281, pegsennett@hotmail.com
At this writing, damage across Kentucky and several other states is being evaluated. Disaster relief organizations will make decisions on where help is needed; they will identify those families eligible for rebuilding assistance; and they will establish volunteer housing locations. All of this takes time, several months. In the meantime, D7390 would like to know who may be interested in traveling to a disaster area for a week to restore homes. All skill levels are needed and welcome.
Contact: Peg Sennett, 717-630-8281, pegsennett@hotmail.com