Posted by Ann Keim on Sep 19, 2019
Rotary Leadership Institute was created in 1992 by then-Director David Linett when he observed that many incoming Club Presidents and District officers lacked sufficient knowledge about leading groups, as well as basic knowledge of Rotary. As he stated, "an effective Rotary leader must also have Rotary knowledge and experience".
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is now in 410 of all the Rotary Districts worldwide and in 195 countries. Its courses have been translated into 25 languages.
The largest RLI Division in the world is ours, the Home Division, where it was started. Each year, we hold about 30 full-day RLI seminars throughout New England and the Middle Atlantic States, including ours in Harrisburg in October of each year.
Faculty members must have served in Rotary leadership positions and are trained and observed before approval as faculty. The emphasis is on discussion, not lecture or fact-reciting. Each year, our RLI names the Faculty Member of the Year, chosen by participants and area leaders from observation and participant evaluations.  This year, the RLI Faculty Member of the Year was our own DG Patrick Rooney. Paddy helps to lead some 5 or 6 RLI sessions each year, throughout PA and New England.  His skill in involving all participants, asking thoughtful questions, and enthusiasm about Rotary and RLI made him an easy first choice.  Congratulations, Paddy!