Posted by Bob McClenathan on Aug 10, 2018
Bob and Kay McClenathan, from the Rotary Clubs of Lancaster and Lancaster Penn Square, hosted an African themed dinner event in July to raise money for the Rotary Foundation’s PolioPlus Campaign. They invited 27 Rotarians from around District 7390, and friends of Rotary, to enjoy an event with an array of decorative items recalling the Dark Continent, from wooden carvings, fabrics with African themes or the patterns of indigenous critters, to artistic representations of tribal masks and shields. The dinner meal was copied from a White House dinner reminiscent of the high quality food served in 4 and 5 Star lodges of the best Game Parks of East Africa, and included ostrich donated by a generous Rotarian in Illinois and seafood donated by a Rotarian here! The guests were entertained with a storyline right out of history books, with a few games, puzzles and twists. It was a memorable evening that raised over $6200 for our fight against the crippling disease.