Posted by Bob Saline on Sep 04, 2019
Since 1977, Rotary Club of Harrisburg (RCH) members have been acknowledged for their community service work not directly connected with Rotary.  This year Joe Bedard, a RCH member for six years, was presented the Community Service Award for his work with the Capitol Region Literacy Council.
Since 2004 with his leadership more than 500,000 books have been delivered to more than 125 schools and organizations serving children in low-income areas of South-central PA. The announcement of his award was sent to Club members by a Dr. Seuss-style invitation that follows.
Community Service gives Rotarians purpose. Congratulations to Joe Bedard, I hope he's not nervous!
At our next meeting, we will present Joe with an honor, and it is our intent
To celebrate vigorously Joe's success with children's literacy.
Harrisburg's kids do love to read; however, some are in need. Joe gets them their books. He does this, indeed.
By hook or by crook, Joe told me "Look! There's no expiration on a Dr. Seuss book."