As we seem to be in the early phase of possibly a second Cold War, it might be useful to see the first Cold War through the life of an Army officer who served on many fronts of that war from Germany to the Pentagon in Washington, DC, from Vietnam to Korea, and from Mexico to Nicaragua.  Colonel (R) Alden M. Cunningham experienced levels of war from a mix of conventional and guerilla war in Vietnam, to a no war no peace armistice in Korea, and to insurgency in Nicaragua.  In the 1980s, he wrote award winning articles regarding Mexico's National Security and US Strategic Options in Nicaragua.
This autobiography captures all phases of his life of Leadership in Service both as an Army senior Foreign Area officer defending our nation and as a former officer of Rotary International doing good in the world.  His book is available on (Kindle), (Nook), and other platforms for $4.99 plus tax.  Please consider buying the online version of this autobiography written by a fellow Rotarian and 38 year member of Rotary District 7390.  Thank you.