A 3-day trip of New York City will be held October 19-21, 2018. The approximate cost is $550 per student. The cost includes transportation, hotel, some meals and attractions. 
A 30-day bus tour of the United States is scheduled for July 1-31, 2019. All inbound students are invited to participate in this bus tour. However, you must first receive permission from Inbound YE Inbound Chair Walt Tilley for the trip and complete a D7390 Permission to Travel form. Once Walt approves the permission to travel and the application, you can then submit the application with payment to the trip coordinator.
Inbound Students

We are happy you have decided to become an Exchange Student and it is our hope that you have a great experience in our district during the exchange year!

We have a very active Youth Exchange Program offering many activities from September through June of your exchange year. Also offered to you are opportunities for travel at the end of your school year.  There may also be opportunities to travel with your Rotary Club and Host family. Please discuss these possibilities with your Rotary Club Counselor and Host Family. If you plan to travel outside of Rotary District 7390, you will need to submit a permission to travel form to Inbound Chair Walt Tilley.

There are several events throughout the exchange year that you are REQUIRED to attend. They are: 

  • August 25 - Orientation
  • August 25-26 - Overnight in York
  • October 13-14 - Overnight in Hershey
  • November 8 - Foundation Dinner
  • November 17-18 - Overnight in Maryland, D7620
  • January 6 - Holiday Gathering
  • February 15-17 - Mt. Asbury Lodge Weekend
  • March 16-17 - Harrisburg Overnight
  • April 12-13 - District Conference
  • April 28 - Daytrip Social & Tours in Maryland, D7620
  • June 2 - Farewell Picnic