2021 District Conference


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We are excited to be your guides as we set out exploring new opportunities together. Our path will take us into a world of leadership, learning, fellowship and fun! All from the comfort of your own home!

This exciting adventure will also include the opportunity to join with fellow Rotarians safely in service throughout the three districts!

Join together with us in our exploration.


Teacher Impact Awards Ceremony - May 26

You never forget the teacher who makes a difference…

In a year like no other, teachers deserve a round of applause! Help us celebrate educators who made an extra-special impact. Join WITF and Rotary 7390 as we recognize and celebrate 14 outstanding teachers who go the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of their students.

Due to the pandemic, we were unable to hold an awards ceremony last year. So, this year’s virtual online event will be super-sized as we celebrate the Teacher Impact Awards Class of 2020 and 2021 together.

Virtual Teacher Impact Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, May 26

LIVE on WITF’s YouTube Channel & Facebook Page

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Lancaster-South Service Project at the 1719 Herr House Museum

On Saturday April 24, the Rotary Club of Lancaster South sponsored a service project at the 1719 Herr House Museum.  Tiffany Fisk, Manager at the Herr House welcomed us, and gave us a brief orientation to the site and a bit of its history.  The task was to clear the overgrown kitchen garden, which was a patch of weeds when we began. By noon the group had filled 24 lawn and leaf bags and four wheelbarrows of weeds and the garden was completely cleared, ready for restoration as an exhibit of historic plants and gardening.  Another flower bed with a display of old mill stones was weeded as well.  Six Rotarians, five members of the Lampeter Strasburg Interact club with their advisor, and one spouse, accomplished this work.  Ideas emerged for finding opportunities for future collaboration with the students in the Interact Club, as well as the possibility for continued partnership with the 1719 Herr House Museum.  It really was an enjoyable morning, with wonderful spring weather in a beautiful setting, and good people to share the work.   

Colonial Park Awards Scholarships

On May 19, 2021, the Rotary Club of Colonial Park Foundation will award 22 students $71,000 in scholarships for the school year 2020-21.  The Foundation awards scholarships to Dauphin County Technical School, Central Dauphin East, Central Dauphin, Harrisburg Christian and Bishop McDevitt High Schools.  Scholarships range in amounts from $500 to $21,000.
In late 2013, the Rotary Club of Colonial Park authorized the formation of the Rotary Club of Colonial Park Foundation.  The purpose of the Foundation includes, but is not limited to, the following:  to help meet the educational, charitable, community enhancements and benevolent needs of organization and individuals within Lower Paxton Township and surrounding communities; and other communities where disasters have occurred.
In 2016 the Rotary Club of Colonial Park Foundation raised funds from donors in the Rotary club to start a scholarship program for students in the Central Dauphin School District and Dauphin County Technical School.  During our first year of awarding scholarships, the Foundation granted $20,000 for one nursing scholarship, $10,000 for one engineering scholarship and $15,000 from our golf tournament to sponsor three $5,000 scholarships to HACC.  Currently we offer scholarships to five high schools in our area.  Unless specified by the donor, which some scholarships are, the students may apply to any accredited college program of their choice.
Randy Sibert, President of the Rotary Club of Colonial Park Foundation states: “Since 2002, the Rotary Club of Colonial Park and the Rotary Club of Colonial Park Foundation, has awarded $603,908 in scholarships.  When you add our community giving funds to organizations in the area, our total scholarships and community giving totals $825,808.”

Rotary Veterans Initiative Seeking Mentors

The Rotary Veterans Initiative is looking for mentors in the following fields: Computer Information Security, Computer Networking/Penetration Testing/IT/Cyber Security, and a Physician.
Mentors can be from our network of district Rotarians or from their friends and acquaintances that may be experts in these areas.  Please contact PDG Alden Cunningham at if you can mentor or have anyone that has agreed to be a mentor for a student veteran from Harrisburg Community College.  Thank you.

York East Conducts Rotary Day of Service

Rotary Club of York East conducted their “Rotary Day of Service” for spring cleanup at the Gold Star Garden.
Group Picture (left to right):
Seated – Cher Kondor, Greg Kern, Reid Kern, Tim Koller
Standing – Scott Thompson, Sandi Graham, Deb Klinedinst, Cindy Hochalter , Greg Klinedinst, Jim Walters, Victoria Dick, Chris Izzo   

World Immunization Week 2021

World Immunization Week (WIW) 2021 comes as COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out around the world, and vaccination is unprecedentedly the focus of daily news cycles and everyday conversations. The milestone, which will take place from Saturday, 24 April to Friday, 30 April, serves as a chance to broaden the conversation about the polio program’s contributions to global health, including its support of equitable COVID-19 vaccine rollout. This year’s community-wide WIW theme is “vaccines bring us closer,” which aims to build on the current public spotlight on vaccines and reach a wider audience beyond immunization partners with important messages about vaccine efficacy and safety.
The polio program delivers more than the polio vaccine. Polio health workers also respond to #malaria, #Ebola, #measles, and now #COVID19 – strengthening health systems and working toward improved health for all. #EndPolio #VaccinesWork

Special Deal for Donations to PolioPlus

The eradication of Polio is Rotary International's number one promise to the world. It is our largest global project. We have made much great progress over the years, yet there is still much to be done. The infrastructure of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (of which RI is a partner) has most recently been used to combat COVID. Now countries around the world are re-instituting Polio vaccinations for their children. And Rotary is there to help.

But it is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that the effort needs money in order to keep going. So, I am asking you to make a special donation of at least $100 to the PolioPlus Fund. This would be over and above your normal annual donation to PolioPlus.

And, if you do, I will:
  • Personally obtain the commemorative coin (actually, I already have them)
  • Personally mount the coin in a coin display thing-a-ma-jig. (Actually, I already have these, too)
  • Personally purchase the padded envelop (news flash, I already have these, too)
  • Personally address the aforementioned padded envelop to you.  My personal handwriting is sure to be a collector’s item some day.
  • Personally mail you an official US Mint one dollar coin which commemorates the discovery of the Polio vaccine. (actually, my bookkeeper will mail it since the post office is on the way to work for her.)
So then, I buy the coin. I buy the coin display thing-a-ma-jig. I buy the padded envelope. I will hand address the envelop in nearly calligraphy-like perfection. Or at least legible enough for the post office. I pay for the postage.
And all you need to do is make a one-time contribution to PolioPlus. Over and above your normal PolioPlus donation.
Here is how you do it. Select or After you sign in, look in the upper right-hand corner of the home page for the DONATE button. Click that button and follow the easy-to-understand instructions. You will get Paul Harris points AND, more importantly, you will join thousands of Rotarians across the world in eradicating a horrible disease.

To get the coin, just email me a copy of your receipt from TRF to and I will get the coin in the mail to you, with my personal thanks. Oh. And this offer is limited to the first seventy-seven people who respond. That's all the coins I have left.

Join members of my club who have already made a special contribution to PolioPlus.
Join us in Rotary's number one mission! And thank you.
John Kramb
District 7390 Rotary Foundation Chair
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