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One of the most popular courses is Strengthen Rotary, which teaches members to incorporate Rotary values into everyday activities. The Rotary Club Central Resources course, another popular offering, helps members set goals and improve membership information.

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Members may not be aware but the Learning Center also generates a Leaderboard and if you are the competitive type, you may be interested in following our District and Global Leaderboards and see where you fit.  Have some FUN while learning!

Installation of 2021-2022 District Leadership

At a small gathering on Saturday, June 26, 2021 dedicated to the installation of new District Leadership for the 2021-2022 year, DG John Anthony reflected on his past year as District Governor of District 7390. In honor of his many contributions to our district including his passion, dedication and unrelenting optimism, we feature his reflections to the audience. Thank you DG John for your leadership during the many challenges and triumphs of the year!


Wow! How Prophetic was THAT Theme! Do you remember your very first Roller Coaster Ride?

But wait....first you had years of anticipation as you needed to GROW. You were not ready even if you thought you were.... you weren't... You waited and you waited. And then finally, the year came. The year YOU were tall enough to ride the BIG Roller Coaster. But wait again... first were weeks and then days of anticipation. You worked on a plan. What is the front cart like? Too scary?

You spoke to others who had taken the ride before. You took in as much advice as you could. You lined up the people you would go with on the ride. You felt prepared... you felt nervous... you felt excited... and you were ready! Then the day came. More anticipation. More planning. You made sure not to eat or drink too much.

Finally you were in line. You patiently waited and you were ready. And you watched others as they exited the ride watching for any hint of knowledge they would bestow through their expressions or comments. And you positioned yourself to be in the front car... because you believe... that's the BEST place to be. Finally you are in your seat... strapped in... locked in ... ready to rock! And what a ride it was!! And then... it was over. WAY TOO SHORT... But AWESOME!!

Was the ride what you thought it would be? Did you scream the entire time? Grab onto the person next to you for security? Did you throw up a little? Laugh a little? Cry a little? Now what??? 

What an incredible year we have had.

The entire District Team stepped up their game working in their area to bring value to the clubs. Re-working, Re-structuring, Recreating, and Creating. Our Rotarians came together to strengthen OPPORTUNITIES for service by strengthening and expanding current programs such as... Rotary Means Business, Rotary Veterans Initiative, Teachers Impact Awards, Pints for Polio, Planning and educating for RYLA, Planning and educating for Youth Exchange, Pre-pets, MA Pets, Global Scholarships, A Virtual Conference, And SO much more...

Our Rotarians came together to create so many NEW OPPORTUNITIES including...Safety Committee, Communication Committee, Polio Plus Society, Billboard Campaigns, Mentor Program for new members, Ride for Polio, Monthly District Development Sessions, Monthly Leadership Calls for Club Leaders, Service Page, District BLOG, DG VLOG, Speakers Bureau, 72+ Initiative, Grant Certification Programs, Grant Programs to help smaller clubs get grants for their communities, and SO much more... and we added a New Club!

SO many leaders who made SO much happen. It was incredibly heartwarming to watch the passion and the drive offered by so many leaders and volunteers. The Presidents and leaders throughout the district Opened the Doors of Opportunity for Service to their clubs, their members, and their community which seemed to have been closed. And the members...the members found OPPORTUNITIES to continue to BE ROTARIANS. To offer service above self. In Clean Water Projects and Helping with COVID Vaccinations and easter egg hunts and helping in food pantries and helping local veterans and helping children in so many ways and in helping the environment with many Tree plantings and community garden projects and so much more locally and globally. And So much more...

Can you imagine a world without Roller Coasters? I cannot. BUT it is my time to let the next person in line. The next super excited, well trained and ready leaders... to have the front car. I CANNOT adequately express my gratitude for every single team member who helped to make this year a success. I CAN however, just as so many before me have, promise that I am NOT getting off the roller coaster. Nope the ride is too fun...too important...

You will find me with so many other wonderful PDGs, sitting in the back of the coaster, offering support and service, because like you all, we love the ride. We love Rotary. We love being of Service Above Self. It has truly been an honor to be your District Governor this year. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you. Rotary will CONTINUE to OPEN OPPORTUNITIES through all of you. Thank you all for ALL that YOU do EVERY day for your Community, for your World, and for Rotary. District Governor Greg.... best wishes on this incredible ride. We are buckled in and ready to roll. - District Governor John Anthony, 2020-2021

DG Greg Staub taking the oath of office. 
DGE Juliet Altenburg & DGN Fred Gellert taking the oath of office. 
PDG John Anthony receiving his PDG pin from PDG Una Martone. 
2021-2022 District Leadership! 
A great group of PDGs in attendance along with the current District Leadership. 

PDG Ben Hoover Receives District 7390 Lifetime Achievement Award

PDG Paddy Rooney recently presented PDG Ben Hoover with the District 7390 Lifetime Achievement Award from the 2019-2020 Rotary year. Please continue to read his remarks when presenting the award:
"As we all know, this disjointed time caused by the pandemic, has disrupted all our lives and schedules for the past 16 months or more. The result was that I, along with so many others, found our plans and intentions abruptly interrupted in March of 2020. I was then still serving as Rotary District Governor and one of the great joys at the end of that year of service is the opportunity to recognize those individuals who have given so much to our District over the year and over a lifetime of service. Alas that was not to be.
And that was particularly disappointing for me since one of the awards I was looking forward to presenting was to be the recognition of a man who has exemplified for me and countless others the spirit and presence of Rotary in so many ways over the years that it is almost impossible to count. But today we get to rectify that omission and now come to present a Rotary lifetime achievement award to Dr. Ben Hoover.
Most of you know that Ben has been a member of this club and a Rotarian for more than 50 years. But there are members and there are Rotarians and I believe that Ben is one of the latter. His work, his service, his commitment and his dedication all speak to that presence Ben has been recognized in our community as a true servant leader and one who is passionately committed to our common purpose and goal of being a Rotarian. His service as President of this club and then as District Governor in the year 2008-09 under the theme “Make Dreams Real” a goal he has continued to exemplify from that day to this with his ongoing involvement in club and District committees, particularly his chairmanship of the Global Scholar grant award committee, all of which speak to his desire to put service above self.
Additionally, Ben has been a mentor to many Rotarians who have followed him in this club and I count myself as one of those fortunate enough to have benefited from such mentorship. When I was thinking about applying for the position of District Governor, Ben was one of the first people with whom I spoke. His support, encouragement and kindness urged me forward and when I assumed the office in 2019 there was no one else I would have wanted to pin me with the District Governor pin, than Ben Hoover.
Many special people have served Rotary over the past 100 plus years of our existence. Many have been examples of commitment and dedication. Many have served long and faithfully. And today I wish to add to their ranks another man who has truly exhibited all those qualities and more and done it in abundance; a man who has shown himself to be that model of true service above self; a man who has truly lived a lifetime of service.
My fellow Rotarians I would ask you to join with me and congratulate our friend, colleague and fellow Rotarian Dr. Ben Hoover as we present him with this lifetime achievement award on behalf of our club, our District and Rotary International. Congratulations Ben."

Celebration of Life for PDG John Judson

You are invited to a Celebration of Life for John Judson, Past 7390 District Governor (2014-15) and Rotary Club of Harrisburg President (2010-11).
The Celebration will be held Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at the Rife Center on the East Campus of Bethany Village in Mechanicsburg, PA. The family will be receiving in person guests in the Center’s lobby between 1 and 2 p.m.  The Celebration of Life will begin in the Auditorium at 2 p.m.  An outdoor reception will follow.
Guests may attend in person; however, seating is limited.  Unvaccinated attendees will be required to wear masks and sanitation stations will be available. 
If you would like to attend in person, please RSVP to by 4 p.m. Thursday, July 8.  Please provide your name, name of guest, phone number and e-mail address.  We plan to alert those attempting to attend in person if seating is or is not available.  When seating is at capacity, you may view the Celebration via Zoom.
We will Zoom the Celebration portion and provide the Zoom link closer to the event.
Thank you for your understanding.
Ann Marie Judson

Harrisburg Awards Ecology Committee Winner

Jack Detwiler has been a member of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg for 27 years and recalls working on or chairing the Club’s Ecology Committee for most of those years.  Annually, he has coordinated the Club’s judging and awarding of a prize for students winning the Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair (CASEF).
According to Detwiler, “Our committee members are asked to serve as judges for student entries from area schools.  This year we received 15 presentations to review.  This year’s judges included President-Elect Matt Staub, Past President Jeff Boswell and me.  There was a wide range of topics from 15 candidates.” 
CASEF is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization and a PA EITC Innovative Educational Program initiative.  For these competitions, CASEF follows performance standards of the Society for Science and the Public (ISEF) with a goal focused on promoting the understanding and appreciation of science.  That organization sees the critical role science and engineering play in our society: to inform, educate, and inspire.  CASEF provides a scoring guide to provide consistency of presentation quality.
It is no surprise the 2021 CASEF student competition were virtual. Instead of live presentations this year competitors will submit short videos.  Fair award dates in 2021 were March 8-11, 2021.  CASEF participants submitted their projects to a centralized web.  Detwiler says, “All judging is done blind meaning the judges do not know the names of those submitting a presentation.  We are in the Special Award Category at the RCH and we present a $750 check to the student winning in the Senior Division.”
This year’s winner and RCH Grand Champion is Sam Koda a sophomore at Hershey High School for his project to determine which lanternfly traps are more effective and cost efficient.  He noted in his presentation, “There are no commercially available traps for these insects, but of the four systems I tested, the most effective can be homemade for just over .50 cents per trap.”
According to Valerie Knowles the CASEF Director, “Recent events confirm that it is very evident that we need to be encouraging young scientists to find solutions to life’s greatest challenges and prepare a healthy and sustainable future.”
Public and private schools in the 41 Central Pennsylvania service area are eligible to register in the CASEF.  Senior division grand champions advance to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair and the highest scoring projects of the junior division enter the Broadcom MASTERS competition.
Detwiler believes he’s seen, “Projects ranging from beetles to stream water studies.  Detwiler noted, “Last year's winner of the Rotary Ecology Award was Kathryn Miller, a sophomore at Carlisle HS. She demonstrated how Oxbenzone in sunscreen effects and eventually kills coral polyps. She did this project in the lab with actual coral polyps.
Says Detwiler, “Over the years some of our winners actually did their experiments in various creeks and streams in the Central PA area, such as Madeline Grossman, a senior at Cumberland Valley HS in 2017 with her project, 'It's All "Creek" to me, or Kyle Wise a senior at Carlisle High School with his project, "D-Netting vs. Leaf Bagging; Which Macro Invertebrate Collection is the most accurate."
Most notably he adds, “One of our previous winners was Eric Horstick from East Pennsboro High School. His project was how Moss could be used to temper the effects of Acid Mine Drainage. He credits Rotary with inspiring him in his future studies. He went on to get a PHD and currently works for National Institute of Health.”

Rotary Club of York Presentations

The Rotary Club of York presented the “Service Above Self” Award to Jason McSherry in honor of his heroism in rescuing his neighbor from a house fire.
Pictured from left:  RCY member, Kevin Schreiber; Jason McSherry; RCY Member Jeff Vermeulen; RCY Member Silas Chamberlin.
The Rotary Club of York’s Literacy Committee presented checks from proceeds raised from the Club’s Literacy Book Drive to two local organizations to provide books for their childcare centers.
Pictured from left: RCY Member Deb Harrison; Carmen Banzaca, Child Development Center at First Church of the Brethren;  Major Tom Babbit, Salvation Army; RCY Member Sarah White  

Rotary Veterans Initiative Seeking Mentors

The Rotary Veterans Initiative is looking for mentors in the following fields: Computer Information Security, Computer Networking/Penetration Testing/IT/Cyber Security, and a Physician.
Mentors can be from our network of district Rotarians or from their friends and acquaintances that may be experts in these areas.  Please contact PDG Alden Cunningham at if you can mentor or have anyone that has agreed to be a mentor for a student veteran from Harrisburg Community College.  Thank you.

Mechanicsburg-North Golf Tournament

The Mechanicsburg North Rotary Club will be sponsoring a Golf Tournament on Monday, September 13 at the Carlisle Barracks Golf Course.  The tournament is open to 133 golfers, and includes 18 holes of golf, open driving range, hole-in-one, putting, long drive, and closest to the pin contests.  The tournament begins with a 1 PM shotgun start, preceded by a lunch.  The cost is $125 per golfer.  This is a fundraiser for Mechanicsburg North Rotary Club Community Veterans and Youth Projects.   Proceeds from the tournament will support numerous programs for veterans and students within the local area. Our Rotary Veteran’s Initiative provides scholarship funds at Central Penn College, HACC and PSU Harrisburg to help with costs. An active mentoring program provides even more greatly needed help. Other proceeds will be applied to additional veteran and youth programs like these: • Hampden Township Veteran’s Park • VA Hospital Aquarium Project • High School Senior Scholarships including Students of the Month/Year • High School Leadership Training, including East Pennsboro High School InterAct Club • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) • Rotary Youth Park • High School Speech and Essay Contests • High School International Youth Exchange.  Sponsorship opportunities are available.  To register or to sponsor a hole, carts, lunch, dinner or general sponsorship, contact us at  You can register at Tee It Up for Veterans & Youth with Mechanicsburg North Rotary Tickets in Carlisle, PA, United States (  

Annual Rotary Golf Tournament


Love Fore Community 

The Rotary Club of York will hold it's Annual Golf, Tennis and Croquet Outing at the Country Club of York on Monday, September 13, 2021. Rain date is Monday, 9/27
Click here to view more information!

10:30am Registration
11am lunch for golfers
12N shotgun start Florida scramble format
Croquet registration begins 1:30pm, with play to begin at 2pm 
Tennis registration begins 1:45pm, with play to begin at 2pm 
Silent Auction and Cocktails at approximately 5pm, Dinner and Awards at 6pm  
We will be raising money to support local non-profit organizations in the York community serving those in need! 
Food, Fun and Fellowship for a good cause. 

18th Annual York-East Golf Tournament

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