Rotary District 7390 WELCOMES You to the Youth Exchange Program
There are important steps that MUST be completed prior to your departure. Please review the following check list so that you and your parents understand your responsibilities.
We are happy you have decided to become an Exchange Student and it is our hope that you will have the experience of a lifetime. 
  1. You MUST purchase CISI Bolduc Health Insurance - Plan B and Personal Liability Insurance, prior to your departure. This is MANDATORY and if you leave the USA without this insurance coverage your exchange may be terminated and you could be returned to the USA within 10 days. 
    1. Click here to purchase this mandatory insurance on-line.
  2. You MUST attend the Outbound Orientation program on Saturday, April 8, 2017.
  3. Round-trip transportation is MANDATORY and MUST be obtained through Tzell Park Avenue Travel Agency.Click here to register with the travel agent.
Mandatory Expenses
Estimated Cost
Travel Agency Registration
$1,900 (Estimate Only)
$225 (Cost may vary based on Country)
Health & Liability Insurance
District Application Fee
District Registration & Orientation Fees
$1100 (Payable in 2 $550 Installments)
Additional Miscellaneous Expenses
Estimated Cost
Doctor visits & Immunizations
$200 (Some countries may suggest or require immunizations prior to arrival.
Gifts & Presents
$300 (Students are encouraged to take gifts for their host families)
Spending Money
Host Country Sponsored Trips
$1500-$2500 (Some Rotary Districts offer trips and some do not)
Emergency Fund
$500 (Varies by Rotary District/Country)
Host Country Medical Insurance
$500 (Come Countries may require you to also purchase their insurance
OUTBOUND STUDENTS (Materials During Preparation)
OUTBOUND STUDENTS (Presently Abroad)
  • District 7390 Governor - Kevin Cogan - 717-609-7770,
  • District 7390 Governor Elect - Una Martone, 717-599-1783,
  • District 7390 Governor Nominee - John May, 717-649-2053,
  • District 7390 Student Protection Officer - Tamara Willis, 717-657-5100,
  • District 7930 Youth Exchange Chair - Linda Spotts, (W)717-920-5250, (H)717-652-7548,
  • ESSEX Student Protection Officer - Ron Smith, (H) 610-277-7553, (C)215-896-6870,
  • US Department of State - 1-866-283-9090 or