District Goals 2016-17
* item required for a Rotary International District Citation
+ item specified in the RI Presidential Citation for clubs criteria
Membership Attraction and Engagement
·       *Achieve a 3% increase in membership
·       +Each small (<51) club increase net membership by at least one
·       +Each large (>50) club increase net membership by at least two
·       Charter at least one new club in the district
·       Add at least four Satellite clubs
·       +Improve member retention by 1 % or 100% retention
·       +Induct new members under the age of 40
·       + Ensure each club has one Rotary-recognized Rotarian Action Group member
·       Every Rotarian wears Rotary pin every day
Foundation Giving
·       *Increase Annual Fund giving by 5% over 2015-16 total
·       *Contribute at least 20% of District Designated Funds to PolioPlus
·       100% of members donate something to the Foundation
·       + Attain a minimum Annual Fund contribution of $100 per capita
·       + Increase total number of Benefactors and Bequest Society members in each club by one
·       Add four new Major Donors
·       Add eight new PHS members
·       Add one new PHF per club
·       Celebrate Rotary Foundation Centennial in all media, logos, and giving activities
·       Establish “Give a Minute to Rotary” campaign and with an Every Rotarian Every Day slogan
Online Tool Adoption
·       + Post 2 Online Tool Adoptions per club at Rotary.org
Humanitarian Service
·       Each club conduct at least one community service project
·       Conduct a district-wide Community Service Day in April 2017
·       Award at least one global grant applications per Group
·       Award at least 30 Club Foundation Grants
New Generations
·       + Each club qualify in the New Generations Presidential Citation goals
Public Image
·       Produce video for District Conference
·       Produce a monthly district-level press release
·       *At least 51% of Clubs receive the Presidential Citation
·       Qualify for a District Citation (achieve all four * items listed in District Goals)
·       Presidents Elect and Presidents Nominee named no later than November 15, 2015 for 90% of the district’s clubs, and 100% no later than December 15, 2015
·       Achieve attendance at Rotary Leadership Institute at following levels:
  • 45 attendees for Level 1
  • 30 attendees for level 2
  • 15 attendees for level 3
·       Attain at least 30 clubs with a district-level service leader
·       Attract 100 District residents attend the International Convention in Atlanta
·       Attract four or more participants per club to the multi-District Conference at Gettysburg
·       Engage Assistant Governors and forge cohesive Group teams with their respective Foundation and Membership Coordinators
·       Establish metrics for all district activities
·       Attain 60% of clubs on Club Runner
·       Attain 100% of clubs active Rotary Club Central participants
·       Attract each district Rotarian to the Governors Newsletter monthly
·       +Each club set at least 10 goals in Rotary Club Central